5 Natural Ways To Improve Your Gut Health

The digestive tract also referred to as the Gut, has about 300 – 500 varied species of bacteria positively influencing the body’s health in ways that include enhancing digestion, immune system function, helping prevent obesity, and more.

‘Gut microbiome’ is the term broadly used to describe these microorganisms living in the gut/digestive tract.

It is important to note that our lifestyles may affect our gut microbiome and consequently our general wellbeing. Hence the need to care about what you indulge.

This post highlights five natural ways you can improve the health of your gut.

  1. Eat a lot vegetables, legumes, beans and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of nutrients for a healthy microbiome. The growth of some bacteria in the gut is stimulated as they digest the rich fibre in fruits and vegetables. This in turn improves the gut’s health.

  1. Eat a diverse range of foods

Eating a diet made up of a variety of food types (particularly whole foods) can lead to a healthy diversity of microbes in the gut, which is beneficial for your health.

  1. Eat fermented foods

Fermented foods, such as plain, natural yogurt, Ghanaian kenkey, Nigeria’s ogi/pap, and Kenya’s uji, can positively affect the gut microbiome by boosting its function and reducing the abundance of disease-causing bacteria in the intestines.

  1. Eat whole grains

Whole grains are loaded with fibre and non-digestible carbohydrates that are not absorbed in the small intestine. These carbohydrates are broken down in the large intestine by some microbes, in the large intestine and hence enhance the growth of some beneficial bacteria.

  1. Eat prebiotic foods

Prebiotics are foods that promote the growth of beneficial microbes in the gut.

They are mainly fibres and complex carbohydrates that can’t be digested by human cells but are broken down by some bacteria.

They’re found in a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


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